Blessing in disguise!!!

Wow! I cannot believe I have not posted in this long! Ok, well I just thought I would share that I visited http://www.goodyarnkarma.blogspot.com/ and I was supposed to recieve 3 skeins of Jacryl.... but it ended up being 13!!!!!! O my goodness!! Let me see if I can get you a picture....

Ah... camera is outta battery... I will get it up soon!

On the Crafting front... I have not been knitting... rather I have been crocheting out the whazooo!! lol. =] I have made a pair of socks, a dishcloth, a hook holder, and am finishing a placemat which I will share next time I post... Which shall be soon!

I graduated!!! IT is A-M-A-ZING!

Here are two things I have knitted that I had previously took pics of ...

Some green North Country Cotton baby socks made with some green acrylic yarn.

And here is a 1x1 ribbed scarf done in a varigated pink and blue Red Heart yarn.

That's all for now.... Until next time... <3<3=]=]


Pretty much that's me! Lol. :] Soooo sorry I haven't blogged in FOREVER!!!!! Hmmm... I've been busy with school and other family stuff with no time to do anything else... except for maybe knit some here and there!! So, I started my first ever job at McDonald's on Monday, and worked M T W of this week. I'm off for awhile. Also, I'm going down to Indy tomorrow for a consultation with a surgeon/doctor for gastric bypass surgery. I'm extremely excited... b/c I can't take this anymore and I need help! I can't do it on my own!! Please pray for me if you would like to!
On the knittin side of things...
I've knit alot of flat-knit hats, alot of socks, some scarves... and I've been wanting to get some Addi Turbos for the LONGEST time now... and I finally got some!! I got a pair of 8 and 10 which are both 16" cables. Oh lordy how I <3 them sooo soo much!!! I have had my first experience with wool as well! hmmm I like it as opposed to acrylic but I still like acrylic yarn too. I also got some wooden cable needles... they light up my life!! LoL. :]
well thats all for now!!!


I've been tagged!

Ok, I've never been tagged before. So, does this mean I answer the questions that they answered in their blog? Well I was tagged by Juli, so here goes!

1. Your Movie Star name: (gfather/gmother on father's side/your favorite candy... i.e. Alfred Ann Skittles)Howard Rosalie Jollyrancher

2. Flygirl/guy name (first letter of first name followed by "izzle'' plus first2 or 3 letters of last name followed by "dizzle") Hizzle Godizzle

3. Detective name (favorite color, favorite animal) Pink Chiuahuah

4. Your Star Wars name: (First 3 letters of your first name, last 3 letters of your mother's maiden name, first 3 letters of your pet's name repeated twice). Deeons Jazjaz

5. Superhero Name (Your favorite color and the car that you drive) Pink Lumina

I dont have anyone to tag! Sorry!!!


Houston, we have a PROBLEM!

Hey! Long while, time to talk. So I tried to knit this pair or anke socks the other day. I knit the first sock, then started the 2nd one. I did a really bad job at estimating how much yarn i had left! So, on sock is like 2 in. shorter than the other! lol :] Gotta love being a human and making mistakes! I'm actually becoming quite addicted to knitting socks!! You all are going to think I am weird, but my favorite part is the heel turn! lol. It's nice to switch from knitting in a circle, to knitting flat, to knitting in a cirle. Well, at least for me it is. :] I started another pair of socks the same, and I DO have enough yarn! I'm so happy, I could dance, but I'm being lazy at the moment, so I will refrain! lol.

As far as WIP's, I have a garter stitch scarf with Lion Brand Homespun on size 17's, and a seed stitch scarf on size 7's. I just finished the snake scarf! If looks soooo cute! I don't know what I would do with out www.knittingpatterncentral.com It is the best place! Also, I finished the stickinette/garter stitch scarf. Both are for my two little nephews.

So how is the weather! It is actually starting to knock back the heat a touch here. It has been quite tolerable the past few days! And not a better time cuz I start school on Monday! EEEK! But, I am a senior, so it is all good! Except for having one of the worst and most pious gasbag of a teacher for Algebra 2. Ugh!

TTYL! :-)


Stockinette, snakes, and socks... oh my!!!

I have three things going for me right now.... 1) a stockinette and garter stitch scarf. 2) A scarf in the shape of a snake for my soon-to-be nephew. 3) A pair of socks. I have grown to love the art of knitting! Great things come from it. My friends think I am nuts! I asked my friend if I could teach her how to knit and she told me no because she didn't want to sit around being bored and knitting! I was kind of offended!! It's like people think knitting is only for older women! No offense to any one. Ok well this is short, but I have to go!



Knitting Class and WIM List!

Good afternoon! Today has been a bit slow. Blah! Ok. Well, I started to knit my hat in knitting class Tuesday! It is coming along nicely. No trouble yet! I'm crossing fingers I can get it done without any! lol.

My WIM list keeps getting longer and I just learned how to knit! How exciting! I have scarves, blankets, dishclothes, and bags among the WIM's. The next class I am gonna take is the advanced beginners class where I will knit a baby sweater! Then after that....... suspense....... SOCKS!!!!! I am excited to learn how to knit socks because I found this really cute pattern for footies!!!!!!!!!!!!BMG's Footies!! They are soooo like the best! Hope you have a look and add them to your WIM list! Knitting is the best thing ever! Yes, I promised pics, but I didn't have time to take any. Next time, I will have them hopefully!

TTYL :-)


First official post (on this blog)!

Hey everyone! This is my first post. I had a blog previously, but I wanted to start a fresh one. So, here it is!! I just started taking a knitting class at the local yarn shop. It is so fun!!!! I cannot wait to knit things. Our project in the class is a hat knit flat instead of in the round. It's fun to sit around with these ladies and knit and laugh! hehe! Also, the teacher recommended that we not buy acrylic yarn to do projects with because the projects will become plasticy after a while. Leave a comment and tell me about your experiences with acrylic yarn, please!! I need all the help I can get. lol. Ok well I don't have any pictures right now, but I will hopefully have some later. Thats all for now!

TTYL! :-)

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